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October 2005

Article Summary


The Allegory of the Cave



            Who really are we and are we really thinking realistically? In this very difficult to comprehend article by Plato, I took away that we are simply thinking in generalized terms. I think that then that means that we aren’t living in reality. Let me try to better explain this. The more we generalize things, the vaguer they become. When things become vague, they take on different meanings for different people. The vaguer something gets the more possible meanings it has. This can complicate things for ourselves, because then we don’t know what reality is because we’ve generalized things too much. We may think that we are thinking in a realistic sort of way because it seems so simple. But when we take a look at the simple things and break them down into more complicated categories we realize that we have been living in a fantasy. This causes us to become defensive because we don’t like the thought that we aren’t living in reality. We become defensive because we are living in denial.

            The thing is we are the cause of why we live in a fantasy. To an extent I think we become defensive because we did it to ourselves. The thesis that Plato gave us is the fact that we will deny that we are holding ourselves back by trying to make things simple by generalizations.

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