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Schiefelbein, Stacey

Fall Term 2005

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Desmond, Adrian & James Moore



                Charles Darwin was born in 1839; Cambridge trained, privately financed his world traveling, and had the reputation of an up and coming geologist. He played the devil’s advocate whenever possible. He lived in London and invited terrifying material into his mind known as Evolution. He became very ill due to his dedication to his study of Evolution. He did not tell anyone because he knew it would bring up controversy in the religious time he lived in. He never destroyed anything, so all his secret notebooks with his Evolutionary studies faded away due to bugs and well age. Darwin was a hypocrite, the saw black as inferior but was against slavery, subordinated women but was totally dependent on his wife

            Social Darwinism came about after Darwin’s death to corrupt his name. In his notebooks it tokes about competition, free trade, imperialism, racial extermination, and sexual inequality. Darwinism is intended to explain human society in the Victorian Liberalism era. Darwin is one of the most well known scientists in the history of scientists.

            Charles had a Unitarian grandfather named Erasmus, and a potter patriarch named Josiah Wedgewood. Josiah got all caught up in the supernatural paraphernalia and lost sight of the Christian beliefs. Erasmus dumped a mixture of liberal Christianity onto his grandchildren. The grandparents of Darwin bequeathed a lot of religious, and non- religious thought onto Charles.

            Charles had a lot of religious background from family. He was told that Anglican found happiness dangerous and those whom where happy were damned. Erasmus and other freethinkers went to the extent of discarding the bible and Jesus. An interesting thing is that the whole family and how it ran was run by Erasmus, this crazy old man that was viewed as wise.

            Charles learned the basics from the classics; he studied Latin and Greek even though it bored him. He learned how to read and write which made in his mind him a man. He was viewed old for hi age because of his knowledge on so many different subject matters.

            Charles Darwin, through his life of religion, freethinker, self taught, dedication to his work has made him a famous man. Because of him we are aware of Evolution and its possibilities. It’s just too bad he thought it was too dangerous to share in his time of existence and the toll it took on his life.


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Stacey Schiefelbein