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Fall Term 2005

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Women, Sex And Darwin

Natalie Angier


            First I’d like to start off with a “HELL YEA” high five for this article. This wins my vote for the best article for Fall Term 2005; Its right up there with my three books; “Cry, Beloved Country”, “Memoirs of a Geisha”, and “Mists of Avalon”. Mahh, I’m in love with her writing style and this article is AWE-SOME! Woot! Natalie did this article on well one of my favorite topics, man vs. woman! This is a pretty biased article, but I like it because I can relate with it. So here I go in a quick summary.

             Let’s start off with what men are attracted to in the opposite sex; big lips, perky breasts, childbearing hips, home feet, math ignorant, coy, younger than he is, fidelity and nice skin. (I’m looking at myself in the mirror). First off who uses the word coy? What does that even mean? Let’s consult Mr. Webster… according to the man “coy” means quiet and shy. Damn, I’m out on that one. Moving on… my lips aren’t by any means big, however I do have little perky breasts (one point for me!), I don’t have childbearing hips, home feet…. Definitely not, these feet are in heels at least 5 days a week, I am pretty bad at math (point two), I’m  A LOT younger than the love of my life ( point three), fidelity… mountains of it baby… hey that’s another point for the Stacey! And I definitely have nice skin if I keep up on my acne medicine and avoid my period, and deep fried foods. I didn’t do so bad!

            Now, what do women look for in men? They look for: a devoted man, alpha sweat, feet firmly grounded, jut a little dominating, balding, wrinkles, rich, and good at guarding woman. Let me look at my beau…. All of them are true! That is pretty sweet! (Don’t tell him he is balding, he shaves his head so I don’t notice…but I know)But it’s true and the men have to make more money than the female so they don’t get jealous…. Totally true, never met a man that isn’t like that.

            Money is important to everyone, but I think it’s sad that woman feel like they need to make less money than their husband or boyfriend because they are woman. (I’m the opposite) I also think it’s complete SH*T that having a degree means woman make less than men. That is a whole bunch of a biased bull sh*t. If men are that insecure, they need to grow some balls and be grateful that the women in their life are successful.

            As for the lesbian and gay population go… obviously men are more vocal and show-y of what they want, gay or straight, they all are like “PDA, PDA”. Woman are fragile and take things very personable. That all makes sense.

            On the topic of marriage, (which I’ve had all the details planned out since I was five) I think its totally romantic that according to this article that marriage is a mans offering of guarding his mate. Then you find out that it is more like, he has a better chance of reproducing if he stays with the same woman versus jumping from bed to bed. And for the fact that marriage add years to a man’s life and shortens a woman’s, I have one thing to say about that; we as woman have to but up with to much testosterone and we’ve had babies pop out of our bodies. Our bodies go through hell. Enough said.

            Although this article is completely biased, I agree with 99 percent of it all. Men want to have offspring as much as females, and that is why we have relationship and get married and have sex, so we can pass our genes on to future generations. 


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Stacey Schiefelbein