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A Fist in the eye of God

Barbra Kingsolver


            This article is about genetic manipulation through generations of different species. These genetic manipulations occur due to the species better adapting to their environment. Charles Darwin noticed four things in species and I quote: “1. Every organism produces more seeds or offspring that will actually survive to adulthood. 2. There is variation among these seeds or offspring. 3. Traits are passed down from one generation to the next. 4. In each generation the survivors succeed-that is, they survive-because they possess some advantages over the ones that dot succeed. Because they survive, they will pass the advantage on to the next generation. Over time, therefore, the incidence of that trait will increase in the population.”

            In order to have diversity on the genetic pool there has to be sex, plain and simple. Genetic diversity is nature’s survival of the fittest. Only the strongest survive and they pass on their strong traits. An interesting fact is that genetic variation is not evenly distributed within the population so that is why there isn’t the “strongest and elite” population of the world. Sex is the reason why genetic variation is not evenly distributed.

            With today’s technology we have the capability of altering genes within a species DNA. This is good in cases where mutant chromosomes can be taken out of the DNA strand. But who is to say too far is too far when it comes with messing with human nature and the course it takes. For example a man by the name Monsanto invented something called “Terminator Technology”, which forces plants to kill off its embryos or offspring. Another project is known as the Human Genome Project where they are completely mapping human beings chromosomes.  The scary part of these gene manipulations, it’s sort of like having a bag full of different colored marbles, reaching your hand in and finding the right one on the first try.

            The article is wrapped up in the statements stating that religion has no place in science.  This is because morals tend to get in the way and that makes a huge conflict. Science is to figure out how we work not to throw in morals and complicate the process. Barbara’s thesis I believe is to take note of genetic manipulations of the natural and by the artifical procedures and appreciate where things have come along on their own and where technology has taken us as well.

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Stacey Schiefelbein