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Imperialism 101, Shooting an Elephant & The Gentleman of the Jungle
Spring 2006

Schiefelbein, Stacey

Winter 2006

Rhodes 182F



Imperialism 101

Shooting an Elephant ~Orwell

The Gentleman of the Jungle ~Kenyatta


Why doesn’t think America think they are Imperialist?


Why is it that the average Joe can totally kick the Imperialists’ ass if they are “so controlling”?


Are powerful people of society, powerful but lazy?


What type of person is the one that gets taken advantage of?


Do we become exactly what we don’t want to satisfy society?


            (An announcer comes over a loud speaker) “And America wins the world championship for biggest jerk-hole  capitalism imperialist!” I’m sorry but seriously. The reason why America is numero uno in my books is because unlike other countries who are content with controlling their country, the United States is not satisfid with controlling its millions of people we must pick on little third world countries  that can barely afford to feed themselves let alone their families. Instead of paying a fair amount for their resources the United States chooses to keep them in the third world poverty level instead of helping them make better lives for themselves by giving a fair market price. Yea, America! Way to be a good example!

            On the topic of good examples, those average Joes that kick those imperialist where it counts! Personally I feel that imperialists tend to look at the picture as a whole instead of individual sections. They want to find the quickest most efficient way to make a quick buck. And the sad part of that is that one accomplishes this and soon after everyone quickly copies this and this makes them weak, because someone will find a weak spot in the non-varying imperialist community and burn them as a whole to the ground. So I pose the question, who is going to burn the United States down?

            Like I said in the paragraph above one imperialist gets a good idea and everyone else follows it. Lazy and lack of creative schools. I think someone skipped art class in school. Seriously, if you go through your history text books, all imperialist groups have the same characteristics. It’s safe to say that America has added its own creativity my being lying assholes to its country trying to be the good guy while we take control over other countries too weak to defend themselves. And America gets a point for creativity!

            No one that is ran by an imperialistic bastard likes it. Why would anyone like their lives to be controlled? I wouldn’t. That is why I said good bye to my parents and very rarely talk to them. Moving on… Back to the first papers I write and continue to write, humans do whatever it takes to fit in. So … even if we hate the imperialistic manner we adopt it as one of our own in order to fit in. It’s a total follow the leader characteristic but, I’d rather play follow the leader than be lonely for the rest of my life.

            In short, Amercia is the “elite” (if I may) of capital imperialistic lack of creativity bastards that one will come across today. Humans want to fit in so they conform to the mold. And imperialistic people are simple minded and can be burned at the stake if someone is smart enough to acknowledge the weakness in the monopoly.

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Stacey Schiefelbein