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Imperial, the Highest Stage of Capitalism



Is a society with monopolies worse off because of them?

What are the advantages of a monopoly?


            I’m not going to lie, I don’t know a whole lot of Imperialism, or Capitalism, but I have played Monopoly by Milton Bradley a few times, so when the word monopoly came up I had a good idea of what the article was going to cover. It’s sort of like the game, when certain people take over certain things and someone gets screwed in the end. Either they owe someone cash or end up in jail without passing go or collecting two-hundred dollars.

            Is a society better off with or with out monopolies? I believe a single society can benefit from a monopoly. If one society owns all the resources they need to survive, then yes a monopoly would work out okay, but here is the thing it never works out like that, ever. There is always going to be a neighboring society that has that one (or several hundred) different resources your society needs to remain in existence. In a sense monopolies are selfish and have invested large amounts of time and money in their self-interests. Monopoly takes (owns) all of one resource and anyone that wants any of that resource has to pay usually an inflated price for the resource or good. Monopolies are out there to make the dollar. That brings me to the advantages of a monopoly.

            To everything one has there has to be a good side, or what is the point in having ownership in it. For monopolies it is all about making the green thing we call cash. Also monopolies can use their power as a society control. As a monopoly you have the manipulation factor working on your side, if you own all of a resource, and some country needs some, you don’t have to give them any, unless they meet the requests you have set…or if they blow your ass up and steal your monopoly from your hands and then it wouldn’t be such a good thing.

            Just like anything else in life, everything has a good and bad side, its perks and its disadvantages. I wouldn’t mind having my own monopoly, I’m pretty sure I could handle the manipulative money source power trip.

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Stacey Schiefelbein