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Citizenship as a Source of Obligation
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Schiefelbein, Stacey

Winter 2006

182 F – Rhodes





Why do we have rights in a country but so few legal duties?


Are we as Americans abusing our rights as Americans, by not giving anything back?


“…the freedom to assemble is guaranteed, but no responsibility to engage in public discussions is stated.”


“A citizen’s property is protected by ‘due process of law’ and ‘just compensation’ but nothing is said about one’s obligations to use that property in a manner which is considerate of those members of the citizenry.”


            I’ve decided to base my paper off by the above two quotes because I feel that they some up the article. The article basically bitches how we as Americans are given so much privilege and so many rights, that we fail to give back to the community/ government. I think it only respectful to debate both sides of the scenario; why do we have to give back to the community and why we shouldn’t have to give back to the community.

            As a native born here in America, most of my rights are just “there”, I was born with them and I’m sure that I’m not aware of half my rights. So to an extent, my view is that we are living in the land of the free, which means we are free to do whatever we want. That means that we don’t have to give back to the community if we rather favor our personal interests. That is the ultimate beauty in living in America.

            Now on the flip side, we should lead by example, if we want to live in a country where we have all these freedoms, we need to give some thing back. Nothing in this life is free, so in actuality, our freedom isn’t really free. I guess it is more than just freedom; it’s a sense of pride too. If you are proud of where you came from, you should give something back.

            I believe as American’s we should have an obligation to make our country better. If we want to live in a land with rights and privileges, we should have to earn them. I think it is arrogant of us, to assume that everything should be handed to us. If we actually worked to better our country, then I could see us having fewer obligations. We as American’s shouldn’t see then as “obligations” but rather a tool to better our country. We shouldn’t even have to think about it, we should just do it. But sadly, we are Americans and there for think be desire everything no matter what.


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Stacey Schiefelbein