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Winter 2006



Economic Justice: The American Class System


Howard Zinn


Why is it society’s responsibility to take care of all the lazy asses?


Why does everyone think welfare is the solution?


            Okay this article must have been written by some upper-middle class republican jerk-hole that knows not a single person that has used the welfare system. I have. My mom was and still is one of those (like 95% of the welfare population) jerk- holes that take our tax money because they are too damn lazy to get off their asses  and work a nine to five job. Don’t tell me it’s not like that, because I’ve watched it happen for twelve years now. And for the remaining five percent of people on welfare, their one of two types:  four percent fall under the drug addicted females that couldn’t keep her legs closed and now has three crack babies, or the other one percent that actually need welfare because of a tragedy. And know what, that one percent are the ones that actually use welfare to get back on their feet and then pay back the money the used from welfare.

            The actually thought of the welfare has good intentions, but it is a complete joke. Its basically like a reward for being a lazy ass. I’ll use my mother as an example because she is the prime example. Once upon a time my mommy and daddy were married and had my younger sister and I. My daddy was a mechanic and my mommy was an accountant. They made plenty of money to get by. They both could have supported their partner and offspring on each of their salaries comfortably.  But my mom couldn’t keep her legs crossed and got knocked up my some “not of legal consent age” teenage boy while married to my dad. My dad got a divorce and let her continue with her drug- addiction pedophile ways. Let’s clarify this, not a good decision on the crack-whore mom of mine. Moving on, after she gave birth to my (super adorable- healthy) half-brother Shawn, she never held a job again. This was…. Twelve years ago.  Then she continued to whore herself around in the small town of Nebraska, and married some marijuana junkie laced with something dude (he actually was a fantastic man, I adored him for the short time they were married). Once again she got knocked up, and this time she wasn’t so lucky…. She gave the baby syphilis, and the baby died a month later. Surprise, drug addict and a whore….once again bad decision making skills. Well she got her tubes tied after Shelby (the little girls that died because of my crack-whore of a mom’s decisions.) died and continued to go on with her drug addictions. So where is Shelly (my crack-whore mom I’ve been referring to) now? She is now this obese (when I was growing up she was a size five, until 4 years ago) fat ass that continues to take welfare for 12 years straight because she spends more time on her back “getting some action” and taking drugs than finding a way to get back on her feet. And now she has health problems (I’m pretty sure 90% of them are in her head) and has like, not joking you, forty medicines she has to take once if not three times a day. Why? Because she made some bad decisions. And it is easier to lay on your back and pop out babies and get paid welfare by the state than making an honest living.

            You could say I’m biased, but I’ve grown up watching the system work. My mom is not the only one that does it like I explained up above, seriously it is disgusting how many people use the state because they are simply to lazy to go pump gas, or in my mom’s case use her degree. Here is what I think we should do. Screw welfare. Honestly, the one percent that are actually using it for the right reasons are going to get screwed but know what there is 99% of the welfare population that is are taking a mile when the are given an inch and using our tax money to support their poor decision making  lazy asses. The reason why we have so many lazy people is because they are getting welfare. Welfare is a reward for being lazy. And its guaranteed every month. Why give our hard earned tax money to those who are too lazy to work it should be going to schools or anything rather than the lazy ass crack whores? I bet you will see a majority of the obesity in welfare taking individuals. Let me tell you, they are eating damn good. Why do we have to shutdown our public schools because of lack of funds and allow the lazy asses to eat huge portions? Cut welfare. Straight up. Then seriously we would have less lazy people. They lazy people would actually go and get jobs, the welfare takers don’t want to die, they just want a free ride and not have to do anything. Take that privilege away from them, and watch our unemployment rates drop like crazy. And if it doesn’t watch all the poor decision makers die and our world become better! Solution! *high five*

            I say the those who make a lot of money, keep their money. Each man to his own, baby. If he has the knowledge to get connected and work and make an honest living, why should he have to pay for the lazy crack-whores?  Honestly, in my opinion, there is no excuse or sob story I haven’t heard to make me change my mind. Everything happens for a reason, and in the case of lazy- ass welfare takers… well you all take welfare because you want to. One more example, from my personal experience; step mom’s mother was diagnosed with polio as a child, she could be collecting welfare and Medicaid for years, but has she? Hell no. Why, she has pride and doesn’t need it. She is now permanently in a wheel chair because her bones are too soft to hold her up anymore, but as I was growing up, she would hold herself up on the counter and wash the dishes. And my grandpa built her a piece of equipment that looks like balance bars from the Olympics but only 3 feet off the ground so she could try to keep her strength up so she could be self-sufficient by holding her self up she walked across it. She never took a dime from the state. She is the most prideful, independent, inspiring women alive. She hasn’t had it easy and either has her family, but know what, she over came polio mentally and used it a tool in her life to make her stronger. These are the women that should be worshiped. I idolize her because of her strength and prideful ness not to take others hard earned money.

            I know this paper was filled with dirty words, but I’m livid. Nothing upsets me more that when people take something that isn’t theirs. That is what 99% of welfare takers are doing with my hard earned taxed money. I am independent from my family. I work forty hours a week and attend college full time and pay for everything myself. During the summer I work ninety hour weeks bouncing from one job to the next to the next, just to make ends meat. And know what, I’m living pretty damn good. And if my crack-whore mom ever asks me for money again since I have extra, I’ll tell her I do every fucking paycheck. Here’s to you mom! Take your daughters hard earned money through welfare. I would like to close with; mom how does it feel that your 18 years old daughter makes more money than you, has more expenses than you, is completely independent and pays for your food stamps? I hope you are too embarrassed to ever ask me for money again. 

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Stacey Schiefelbein