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Stacey Schiefelbein

Meaning & Madness 182F

Reflection of Article

Blaming the Victim

William Ryan


Do we as the non-victim, blame the victim because we are afraid that the problem is bigger than just one person and we are apart of that bigger problem?


Is fear of equality the cause of blaming the victim?


            The problem is bigger than the mis-educated child in the slum school. The problem is those who are blaming. As human beings we are narrow minded beings that unless we are instructed only look at the small picture, as if the big picture might swallow us whole if we think about it. Or is it that we are the ones that hurt the victim and refuse to point the finger at ourselves.

            As a community it is our duty to give back to the community. It is not one person’s responsibility to make the community work. In fact it could not, a community is a group of people that work together to accomplish a specific goal. Maybe we blame the victim because we are too prideful to point the fingers at ourselves, when we are responsible as our neighbor for the community’s health. But we rather isolate one person to be the scapegoat so we can sleep at night. Subconsciously, are we carrying so much guilt that we blame the victim?

            Another thought that crossed my mind is maybe we all are so self-interested that we will do anything to make it to the top of what ever goal mountain we have planted for ourselves to climb. Do we blame someone else, so we can take the spot light off of ourselves so we can secretly climb the success latter with out being seen for the feet have to stomp on to get to the top?

            Is blaming the victim a scapegoat or a distraction? I think it is both. I think we blame victim so it fits our current situation. There is no one right answer. We blame the victim for everything under the sun. I think the biggest is so we don’t feel so guilty for the lack of responsibility we are taking for our actions.

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Stacey Schiefelbein