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Erik Fromm

Schiefelbein, Stacey

January 11, 2006


The Sane Society

Erich Fromm 1955


Inquiry Questions:


Who decides what is “sane” & what is not “sane”? How do we know that he who decides what is “sane” or not, is actually “sane” himself? How do we know if we ourselves are “sane”? Is what “sane” to one person, “sane” to another? What is “sanity”?


Because we are American’s with so much freedom, leisure time, and freedom of press that that is the cause of our mental illness?


            Oh the lovely topic of sanity. I question mine all the time. Do I have so much that I go crazy with what I have, because I don’t know what to do with it? I believe it to be so. I’ve had everything I could ever want and more growing up, and sometimes a person does have a mental meltdown, because we are trying to process so much at one time.

            With our high literacy levels in the United States you would think that we would be better rounded on all past and present historical events that occur. I for one think we have taken the freedom of media way too far. All our television shows are seriously crap, but according to my parents parents, the shows my parents watched when they were my age was garbage as well. So since the beginning of time the quality continuously decreased? Are we hurting ourselves subconsciously just because we have the freedom too? I pose the question, in the people within the United States those that make significantly large lump sums of money have a higher level mental illness compared to Mr. and Mrs. Jones? With more privilege in society do we pay for it with mental illness?

            As humans we have needs. What are those needs, and the fact that we may not be getting our needs turning us to alcoholism, suicide and homicide? Are we bored with what we have? Is alcoholism, suicide and homicide a way to break away from the boredom? Is this affecting communities as a whole? Can a whole society be insane to another? Are we all ill and we seem sane because of that?

            I’ve taken it into consideration; we all have some mental illness at one time or another. I’ll give an example of me. This summer I drank myself under the table, night after night, because there was nothing better to do, or so I thought. Suicide, as a young teenager a group of us had a “cutting” club, for the rush. What can I say, we all aren’t perfect. But I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe boredom is the cause of mental illness for the well off part of society.

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Stacey Schiefelbein