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Spring 2006

Where I've Came From & Where I'm Going

I’m not for sure where winter term went. I’m well aware it occurred, the weather reminds me daily, but it went by faster than I had expected. Winter term was full of new fun experience both academically and socially. Academically this term was harder, harder because of one class: Business 211. This finacical accounting class was very hard, it challenged me and by far it was my favorite class. My economics class was painfully boring, even though my professor was amazing with words. I think I’ve finally got the hang of my University Studies class. I’ve finally adapted to the reading load that is expected, probably because between my three classes I usually have one hundred pages a night to read or so. As I’m typing this, I think about the hundred pages and I sigh, but honestly its not that bad, its all about prospective.

Prospective, that is the most valuable thing I’ve learned in the last three months. You can always change a situation from good to bad or bad to good with prospective. I moved out of my apartment that was attached to my parents place to live with my boyfriend. Honestly its not what I wanted, I loved living by myself most of the time. I admit it did get lonely, but to have your own space was fantastic. My move was a combination of three things, I wanted to get from under my parents supervision (I’d really never got along with my step mom and it was causing serious problems for not only myself but my younger sister and my dad), loneliness was getting the best of me, and I was at my boyfriends house more than I was at my place (and gas money was ridiculous, 30 miles each way). A move, mentally and was better for me. My step mom’s crazy insane controlling, fight-picking was too much, I think it was too much for the rest of my family as well. I moved out in the middle of the night, and didn’t say goodbye. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m rather close to my dad so I became instantly homesick. But now I talk to my dad and now that I’m gone there is less tension and fighting in the house for everyone. I feel everyone benefited from my move. I had hesitations about living with my boyfriend, but honestly its been three months and its great. We never have fought, we get frustrated with each other, but we tell each other, get over it, and move on. My living arrangement is perfect, it allows me to grow and develop into an educated women, work and still have fun (plus its nice to have someone to come home to). I’ve also had some serious work dilemmas. I love where I work, I work at a golf club. It is the perfect fit for me, but lately the girl that works the days I don’t is seriously messing things up. I fought for my way into the Ladies Locker Room ( I used to be a banquet employee) I worked for six months to even get in here. Two weeks into it I became Lady Locker Room Manager, and I’m in charger of one girl. So you would not think it would be too hard. I’m still trying to find a positive perspective one this one. I guess I need to set some goals for her and I to meet, maybe that would make things progress forward in my work situation.

I’ve set some goals for this Spring., and I tend to make all of them by the time school is let out mid-June. Academically I would like to not miss (or skip) as many classes, and get ‘b’s or better. To accomplish this I will be taking evening classes Monday-Wednesday. This works perfectly with my work schedule where I work Tuesday- Sunday from 7am-3pm. My job as manager is very relatively simple. Most days I have three, maybe four hours of stocking, paperwork, meetings sort of things and the rest of the time I’m required to sit at my desk and service the ladies that come in from golf. My boss suggests using it as a study time, and I take full advantage of that. Most days I get four or five hours of study time in. I’m sure that you are like no, she really wouldn’t do that, Stacey gets to distracted to easily. But there is nothing to get distracted by in my office, and instead of allowing myself to get bored, I study. I think that will really help boost my grades. My second goal is to get a job at Persimmon Country Club. ( Right now I drive 30 miles each way to The Oregon Golf Club, and there are some pay and schedule conflicts that need to be addressed if they want me to remain at The Oregon Golf Club.) I’ve had several meeting with Persimmon Country Club, they said they will hire me, they are just waiting for the season to get into full swing. That job has more growth potential for me as well as Persimmon performs better as a company both with its members and employees. Those qualities are very important to me.

Quality of life experiences is much more important than quantity of life experiences in my opinion. Sometimes I’m having a hard time deciding about quantity or quality. I work hard, study hard and play hard. But sometimes I rather do four hundred little things in my free time than one nice fulfilling activity. I like to keep busy, if I plan to go away for the weekend, but as the week progresses towards my weekend away things come up like rafting and lunches with friends , shopping trips and late night movies, I’ll cancel my weekend getaway and do the others. But then there is the flip side, sometimes I’d rather just have my one rafting trip and then lay around. Let me give you the best example, the summer of 2005 I got kicked out of my parents place and I didn’t take it well. I had 3 jobs that worked me 96 hours a week. I worked 12 hour days four days a week at a paper mill, and then I’d usually go and work a wedding at the golf club and by the time that shift was over I’d have to be back at the paper mill in 4 hours, and then some days I’d go from a 12 hours day at the mill, a 10 hour day at the golf club , back for another 12 hours shift at the mill and after that I’d drive myself out to Maupin Oregon for a two day rafting trip in which I am a white water guide for. I’d usually do that combination with two days at the mill before that twice a month. There would be 5 days at a time where I wouldn’t sleep. I’d get off work and I would go hang out with friends till my next shift. Life was crazy. But I loved it. I was busy, I was making a lot of money, I thought I had everything. By the end of September I broke down. My last day at the mill, was my last day at the golf club for two weeks. I slept the whole time. I didn’t get dressed, I didn’t leave the house I was house-sitting. I just laid in bed and occasionally wandered to the living room. I know that this summer I cannot do that. One I have someone that I live with and I hate being away from him more than I have to, I’ve got a lot more on my plate. I’m a manager a golf club and… I want to be home more enjoying life, instead of watching it fly by. I admit there was some serious alcohol and substance abuse last summer. That is not who I am. I don’t like hurting myself like that, the only reason why a consumed so much alcohol and substance is because I didn’t like who I was. I love me now. And for me to keep that in perspective I’ve got to slow down, and get out and do the things I like. The only time I feel really alive is when I’m on a rafting trip or out in nature. It keeps me balanced. My life is hectic enough, I don’t need to add to it.

I’m looking forward to Spring Term, I can work more at my job that if I look at it with the right perspective its FAN-TASTIC, get closer to graduating in college ( I’ve got 5 years left), spending time with my boyfriend and our two dogs, getting way more and living life to the fullest. If anything, simplify my life, and my daily schedule.

Stacey Schiefelbein